Application Format [PLEASE READ]

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Application Format [PLEASE READ]

Post by Smoke on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:06 pm

Personal Information

What is your ingame name:

How old are you:

Where are you from:

How many languages do you speak:

Who suggested to you that you should join the clan? (You have to be invited by a DDA member)

Why do you want to become a DDA member?

Have you ever been part of another clan? If yes, why did you leave it?

How long have you been playing uL 420 dayz?

Do you love cats?:

Do you have any relatives who play SA-MP, as well as anybody who plays SA-MP who has access to your computer?:

The following questions should be answered out of 10, for example - [10] (I'm better than all of you), [5] (I'm slightly better than your standard RPer),
(Cbug? What is this black magic)

Overall skill level: 0/ 10
Overall experience level: 0/ 10
Overall ability to play within a team: 0/ 10
How good are you with C-Bug: 0/10
How good are you with NO C-Bug: 0/10
Name 3 A/D weapons sets that you are best with:
Rate yourself on the following weapons:
- Deagle: 0/10
- Pump Shotgun: 0/10
- M4: 0/10
- Combat Shotgun: 0/10
- Sniper Rifle: 0/10
- AK47: 0/10
- Sawnoff Shotgun: 0/10
- Tec9/Mac10: 0/10

Note: Only DDA members can comment on applications, non-DDA member comments will be removed.

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