Dooms Dayz Army Member List!

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Dooms Dayz Army Member List!

Post by Smoke on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:03 pm



Leader of the team. He is VIP 3 in the server. He is the brain power of the DDA. And good at driving helicopters, he loves flying hydra. And Good Finding Enemy.


He's a very skilled and Good player,you always have fun with him.He's a cute little Pinky,but very deadly.

He is a skillful. His best tool is Desert Eagle c-bugger.

He was one of the first players in DDA. He plays with a good performance and he doesn't talk so much but he knows the duties of teams

He is A Good Player and Good use Weapons.

He's is A good team player and his killer eyes can spot enemies from far away.

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